What makes a person life miserable? For me its ‘indecisiveness’.

Make a decision and stick to it.

And than try to give your best in that.

Make that decision keeping your priorities at first place then only you can put in your full percentage of efforts.

What is my priorities, Make a list;





Then what are the consequences would be there after taking each decisions. Again make two lists or more for respective decisions;

Decision A                                                                       Decision B

  1.                                                                                           1.
  2.                                                                                           2.
  3.                                                                                           3.
  4.                                                                                           4.

Compare them all, because consequences are the things upon whom you can make a forecast and form a strategy for the success of the prospective future. This seems old school but this act of writing down clarifies every facet of issues, it prevents you from vacillating between choices in your brain which makes you do nothing but makes you miserable and stuck and hence unproductive.

Life consists of all the decisions we take in life, therefore due diligence is required. Some taken decisions are too rigid to be changed later, they are irreparable but some are flexible for a redesigning with some efforts. It may be opting for a carrier or taking up a job, leaving current job or marrying someone, starting up a venture or restructuring. Everything requires due diligence with a bird eye view.

After taking a decision with a focused eye we should stand on it, and put all our efforts to make it right. it’s a saying, “Take a decision and prove it right”

  • How can we really do the due diligence – Visualization

Do up a visualization, an examination in mind, a kind of testing, grab the information from different channels how it turned out to others and how this prospective decision will going to work with you and its compatibility with your priorities, then only you would be able to make a choice. 

Life’s happiness depends on us, we take the authority of it. We cannot hold anyone responsible for its failure later on. If today we are distressed it’s because of our own decisions taken in the past whose blame we put on circumstances or surroundings but it’s us who would have taken it consciously. Take the ownership of it and  learn .

The universe should have your clear vision, indecisiveness makes the universe gives you nothing but confusion, Make a decision and make it right. BE DECISIVE, Live life happily , No misery, no sorrow can ever affect you.  

-Priyanka Sharma


When you start, You accomplish!

What stop us from succeeding? Lethargic and laid down behavior which reproduces bundle of excuses or it could be the fear of being proved as a failure later…What if I couldn’t do well? What if they laugh at me? What if this? and what if that?

But success is not only a particular stage we have had vision of, it is the success in every stage we walk on to reach the goal and success comprises of many fold failures and it happens when you achieve it by not giving up.

So the conclusion to every worry is..MAKE A START

Concept conceptual 3D male businessman on stair or steps over su


Make a start and fall and again rise up face the failure but don’t give up, with every failure you will come back more polished to defeat it.

Make a decision and make it wrong, analyze it and then learn to make a right decision.

For when you start you will be “doing something” which is very important. To do , To move…

When you move, you learn and that’s how you succeed and goal is achieved.

Being a fool is better than being lazy. A fool can learn but a lazy cannot.


Make a list of what is to be done..Try to accomplish one after another no matter what it takes, go out of the way to get it done.

So let’s get ready and get set go. Cheers! 


Priyanka Sharma

Depressed of your failure ! “The ones who have failed in their life are often the one who are most successful”.


The profession of a CA, CS and CMA is the most prominent fraternity but clearing this in one go is a hard-won. For years, society has placed a disgustingly large stigma on failure and an overwhelming importance on clearing. There’s a predisposed instinct to strive for high marks and cast anything lower to the side, to deem as unworthy. Well, it’s time to let you learn that it’s okay not to be what you thought you had to be, it’s alright to fail… Sometimes what we do is not what we meant to.

Because here’s a little secret, the older generations are unwilling to divulge to you:

It doesn’t matter

Students of our corporate fraternity who are longing to achieve this since a long time and have not yet achieved, worked hard, burnt their mid night oil but still couldn’t make it. We don’t have to feel depressed and crestfallen. World is big and life is long, there are many more things we can do in future. Future is what? The future is what will happen in the time after the present. In present we shape up our future, time flows and goes, the perspective of one makes their future bright or dull.

It’s all about your value for time

Is holding the same rope for a longer time and trying to climb upward to reach on the landscape is correct? Or should we find any other way to achieve the same? In the end what matter is ‘your success’, no matter what have you done and which academic course. Nobody will be bothered to ask you how much efforts you made to crack an examination. The action will speak louder than your efforts made.

The studies we do remain “behind the scenes”. Our success comes into “limelight”. No matter how many nights you have burnt while cracking the courses you have done, people remember the numbers you earn, the money you mint.

The greatest thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs of our time have been the men to defy the rules and take risks. They were the ones flunking out. However, their ‘failures’ were not a factor of intelligence, but an inability to be weighed down by grades and superficial markings. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, are just a few of the men who achieved unfathomable amounts of wealth, status and success without ever really succeeding in a classroom. They are the men that by society’s standards, had failed.

The time frame of our age from 21 to 28 in our life shapes the rest of our age in life, make it or break it. There are people who motivate us to stick around and do the same thing, “Get up! Don’t lose hope… get up again” do the same thing again, that’s what people say. But what about us who are revolving around the same thing again and again, losing our time, it’s slipping so rapidly out of our hand. It makes us so rigid that we don’t look around and see what other options are available to us which will make us earn the same amount of money as we always have dreamt of earning with our so called dream course.

Students out there, it’s highly recommended to look around and find another way to achieve the success. Success is achieving good health, much wealth, surrounding of luxurious articles, super comfortable life to your loved ones and high status in society. Are all these possible by only the same thing you aspire after burning your precious time and age? The good news is ‘NO’. We live in a world with many ways out and we can opt any of it. The only thing needed is ‘an open eye’ looking on all four directions.

So students who really aspire to become something big in life, just keep your eyes and ears open. Look around may be there is something which can change your life.

Achieving the dream – A journey from homemaker to Entrepreneur


Bindu Pallichal, a homemaker from Pravachambalam village near Thiruvananthapuram manufactures 21 ayurvedic food and cosmetic products, its mainstay  an ingredient which claims to enhance memory.

If you talk in numbers, her turnover stands Rs.7 lakh, no mean achievement in a state where an entrepreneur is as rare as a teetotaller. Bindu has also bagged several awards at the state and national levels as a woman entrepreneur.

The story behind-

In 2007, she decided to turn into an entrepreneur. She began to experiment with ayurvedic oils and cosmetics because she knew Sanskrit (the oldest known ayurvedic texts were written in the ancient language). Problem was Sanskrit was her only capital or asset to speak of. There was no money to invest or land to build a manufacturing unit.


Bindu became a member of Kudumbashree, an all-women collective of members selected from poor households. The microenterprises of members like Bindu, who have been streamlined into neighbourhood groups (NHGs), are sustained by microfinance. The 2.59 lakh NHGs facilitate thrift mobilization — also known as small savings — and provide customized credit to its members.  The savings of Kudumbashree members adds upto Rs.2262 crore which allows them to access linkage banking- loan extended to self help group or ayalkoottam, NABARD Insurance scheme, grants and the like.

To understand the impact of Kudumbashree, one simply has to look at its scope. The 41-lakh members in the movement translate into nearly 50% of the households in the state. In other words, half the state’s population makes a living out of this programme. Kudumbashree’s success gains even more shine because of one constant problem in Kerala.

Initially, the Kudumbashree movement restricted itself to a few areas in farming and agri-business such as rice and vegetable cultivation and making curry powder, pickles, rice powder and so on. Members have since ventured into fields such as construction, driving, cafes, brand development , “Thanks to our huge fund, our senior officials can even think of promoting a bank,” said Sindhu K, a Kudumbashree member in Alangode, a village in Malappuram district that borders Thrissur.

Kudumshree – Today’s one  of the largest women empowering project in India.

Amazon- The next Alibaba of India






Similar to what Walmart is doing online in India and what Alibaba does in China, Amazon is going to do in India. Amazon is preparing to launch a portal for wholesale merchants in India.

India is the first country outside the US  where such an initiative is being planned by the seattle based company, Amazon.

The initiative could be lead by Mr. Samir Kumar, who is currently director of category management.The wholesale team will report to Amazon India head Amit Agarwal.

Amazon has grown rapidly and aggressively in India, challenging Flipkart for market leadership in the country. Illustrating the scale of its ambition, founder Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would invest $2 billion (Rs 12,000 crore) in India just a day after Flipkart said it had received $1 billion in funding. “It is important to note that there is no FDI restriction when it comes to online business-to-business operations. The India wholesale portal will be similar to AmazonSupply, its online site in the US focused on business consumers

Sources who briefed ET on Amazon’s wholesale plans said the firm wants to quickly establish wholesale operations in India before Alibaba pays serious attention to this market. Alibaba has set up offices in India but its platform is primarily focused on connecting small and medium enterprises in India to global buyers, and not on domestic sales.

In India, too, the online channel is expected to be a disruptive force in wholesale. According to Singhal of Technopak “The online channel can bring in efficiency,” said Singhal of Technopak, There are millions of small retailers who buy from physical wholesalers, but the system is very inefficient.”

Technopak has estimated that the retail market in India is at $525 billion (Rs 32 lakh crore) at present and will double in size by 2020.

Google brings traffic for facebook in India


Google and facebook are frenemies. They are friends in the sense that the success of any one company invariably yields spin-off benefits for others; enemies because all of them compete for the same users and online advertising dollars.

Google with its upcoming series of low cost phones  under the Android one programme apparently is helping facebook to grow their traffic population of India. Next Monday, Google is highly expected to launch a range of Android one smartphones in colaboration with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice mostly priced under Rs. 6000 ($100). The Smartphone will be having top end features like dual core chip, 5 MP camera and 4-5 inch display

 In India 108 million of population use facebook and out of that 94 miilion access it on mobile and due to Android phone carrying low rate in the market it will apparently increase the number of facebook user. As whosoever buys the smartphone  tends to get themselves engaged in facebook.

 “A low-cost smartphone which allows a good user experience will accelerate adoption of Facebook,” says Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer Strategic Advisory, a marketing consultancy. “In fact, it could take Facebook’s access on mobile devices to 100 per cent from about 93 per cent at present.”

The Vice-president, growth & Analytics of Facebook had himself  made this statement that “We are now looking forward to one billion users in India. That is a different focus and challenge but Google’s Android will make the challenge easier.

Mohammad Chowdhury, leader, telecom, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) says”But Android One will provide a consistent user experience across all devices Adds “Android One will shake up the low-end to midtier smartphone market,” Google finished the second quarter with $14.3 billion in advertising revenues compared to Facebook’s $2.68 billion.

Facebook’s mobile ad revenues accounts for more than 60 per cent of its overall ad revenues, while Google’s earns only 12 per cent of its advertising dollar for mobile.

Facebook would  get the benefit as much as Google!

iMET Global.

Social Media as Business Development Tool: Some facts



It is a fact that the impact social media is creating in the business space is felt more than any other tool of Business development today and this has made Social Media an important priority in the minds of today’s businessmen and entrepreneurs.


The adoption of emerging technologies by the practicing business men often found to have received the much needed boost in many ways; for instance, when we talk about Social Media, it increases sales by promotional campaigns and advertisements more effectively and faster. It also helps the entrepreneurs to interact and receive valuable customer feedback and yes, more importantly it helps them to see the satisfied customer talking about their company and products and the word-of-mouth-recommendation of the customer building communities and that in turn helping their products or services to get promoted all by itself. When it happens, one need not have to do much!soci


Some Facts of Social media which are changing the business market scenario across the world.

Advertising, Promotion, Marketing going online;

Recent past has witnessed the expansion of Social Media’s horizon, fueled largely by the growth of smart phones. With the growing pace of various marketing techniques, Social media tools have taken a dominant place in the arena of marketing, from promoting your product and reaching directly to the customer to selling your product to them and becoming handy, social media took it all.                

Companies seeking for employees having Social media prowess;

Today’s Companies are preferring their marketing professionals to be the pundits of social media skills which resulted in more and more engagement of students as well as the existing employees towards social media courses to increase their employability and social media not only prepares them to enter the modern marketing departments, it gives them an ADVANTAGE over existing marketers in field. Companies tend to hire those who have virtuosity of social media management.

A word of advice: Market is longing to embrace you, just show your adroitness over social media….


Our “Senior age” group is going Social.

“Social media is for youngsters!” Those who put this thinking cap, need to jump on to the real world. It is a tool used by all age groups, more and more adults are going online, and with our developing and growing social culture, the demographic pie chart of social media contains a substantial section of our elders in it. Now, marketing maestros out there….it’s an exigency to figure out a way to connect with this rising demographic on social media. It’s no longer viable to disregard our valued seniors.

Social Media- The game changer;

In conventional marketing practices, the companies provide products and services through conventional channels and then expect their customers to have good opinion and come back as the “repeat customers.” Of course, conventional customer feedback system and redressal of complaints do help the customers; but they are time consuming and this time lag often results in companies losing their customers.

However, when the communication and engagement is through Social Media, the engagement is instant and therefore the redressal too is faster. This helps the companies to retain their customers and help them to become “repeat customers.” Marketing through social media is all about recognizing your customer and treating them as your assets, social media tools enables us to influence customer behavior before as well as after the sale. Now you can reach out to your existing customers to remind them to come back.


Traditional marketing is not in effective but social media marketing constitutes an effective marketing strategy which enables real time engagement and that in turn proves to be the game changer….game changer for the good.


 Social Media and marketing budgets;

Paid ads, promos and contest etc., on the Social Media are some of the ways to use social media tools and it impacts the budget making of every organization using it and not only this investment of time counts in it too. Businesses are drastically enhancing their social media budget and it not only applies to specific part of business but includes all business to business and business to consumer services and products.


It does promise to give you exactly the kind of audience you want to reach, if you are willing to pay for it.


Marketers willing to align their goals with this new approach can generate new business, increase brand loyalty and satisfy their customer. Now it’s your piece of concern to utilize it with your own intellect to interact with your customer productively.

if your business does not yet have a social media presence, then now is the time to start social media marketing….



Priyanka Sharma

iMET Global